V 300 count, 100% feedback. 2017 Oct. the "best" coins in silver are fakes, e.g. He certainly knows they are fakes, but does not seem to clearly say they are.) lolita.b-55   (2020, Jan. heavily tooled expensive Trajan sestertius. tangraantiquities    Lots of fakes including some types that would be expensive such as Caligula denarius) Athens owl. syy1963 No returns. Moonlord67 oh.freddy.freddy This goes for any dealer.) Pretty deceptive denarii.) 28 Athens tetradrachms fakes similar to each other) Caesar_antiques    of Israel is the new eBay selling ID of the known However, sellers can prevent that by making the auction "private." "commodity is made under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee." Activity that doesn't follow eBay policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, loss of buyer or seller protections, and account suspension. Top 25 Counterfeit World Coins. Some commonly-faked types;  CAESAR elephant, Pertinax. Same as dromashopp, but low feedback so name changed. All denarius fakes) Fake migration-era gold, Jan. 2015. bazmxps    (2019, June. mazagurini khom66  (2020, Oct. All fakes. Eugenius, Crispina, etc. markalan63  (fake Aelius denarius 2/11, but probably not intentional, looking at his other items) Otacilia Severa, Didia Clara [the vast majority of these on eBay are fake], gold). Stll at it in June.) azulluna1377     (2020, Sept. All obvious fakes) Niemalswiederaufdiesererde T I feel that if I pay ten or twenty bucks for a coin or a lot of coins (that I can't spot as obviously bad fakes), then I don't lose really much if the coin turns out to be fake. Silver with chi-rho reverse. Salvsavg (= Legion_VIII, Maximov, Evtilian in Bulgaria)) rowp67 bgcoins08 Carthage AE, Galba sestertius, etc.) An expensive tooled Hadrian sestertius, bought from Lanz who mentioned the tooling. 2019 Feb. yardrunt  augusta_fine_arts  (Bulgarian seller, with only 28 feedback in Jan. 2018. numismatic-treasures  (2018, June. Says they might be reproductions, but leaves doubt. Terrible fakes with a heart-warming story of good deeds. He changes his username every two months to keep ahead of list like this one. Your single source for eBay seller updates, resources for success, and inspiring stories. All his "ancient" coins are fakes. masterpujador  (fake quality denarii, 2/1/2012) dartacem10  (fake Julius Caesar denarius, Dec. 2016, a a new seller with only 17 feedback) albkusugelry  (slovenia, 3/28/2010) wnasr23, 4.8 out of 5 stars (19) Total ratings 19, £19.95 New. elia_maro  (Jan. 2016, many denarius fakes, Republican through third century, some quite deceptive, some Greek fakes) New seller. Kow166p Still going with fake Eugenius, Jovinus, etc.) roza0035 eBay scam 2: The fake PayPal account How it works: Selling an item, you receive the customary email notification from PayPal that your buyer has paid, and duly mail them the goods. Fake denariii of Diva Paulina, Vitellius, and Diadumenian.) franciscsilv-233    (2019, April. minnfinejewelry  (steals and uses photos of coins he does not own) Poor fakes of coins and antiquities. (2017, March. March 2015, some very rare types that are fakes. catamana17   (2018, March. glorioustdung ultimoritocco Early 2014) Can't he tell the difference?) Very rare fakes, Crispus silver, Martinian, Jewish War silver. neildd2006  (numerous Greek fakes said to be metal-detector finds found by him. Fake Cyprus silver. triple.diamond, moor996 groll90 (fakes 11/6/13) June. Jorestes recocha222  (2017, Nov. seatreasuregold  (2015, Oct. some okay gold, but fake "Byzantine" Dark Ages gold) J 2rooks  (2019, has a fake Honoris silver miliarense at close to $700 without saying it is fake. Fake Honorius miliarense) Please post here your sellers of fake toned coins on eBay. ivcollectibles  (2018, Dec. Fakes including Clodius Albinus, Vetranio, two Pertinax, etc. and silver Greek fakes too.) ars-romana . forgettherestiamthebest saracino77 jackson.2-2 mesalina  (2017 August, many poor fakes. He was oman_treasures24 and had other names before that. Fake Greek silver, 2018 April, fake Alexander the Great tetrardachm and Appolonica Pontica) chz0624 uddiyanaart4   (2020, June. Some genuine lousy AE. gdgd2013 *  (2018, Nov. fake Greek and Celtic) They continually sell fakes of rare very late Roman coins such as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many times. roman.land   (2019. Honorius miliarensie, Greek hemidrachm, Greek trihemiobol fakes.) zade-nikol  (March 21, 2015, fake Didius Julianu and Balbinus denarii, asnd others) In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there is a legal obligation to report Treasure finds: under the law of Treasure Trove if found before 24 September 1997 or under the Treasure Act 1996 if found after that date. His eBay account "****3353" is cheating other collectors' coins and claims for the refund. mine.teod   (2020, May. Most experts have given up reporting fakesellers to eBay because eBay does nothing. Still the upside of it all is I have now listed the item for sale so if I sell it, Ive made a profit out of the whole thing. mrokich   (Nov. 2014, some cast Roman denarius fakes) my_pappas_pouch   (2018, June. Has a fake quinarius of Maximinus Thrax and a fake Greek silver. numissoto1   (Dec. 2016. c6h5oh-ch2o   (2019, April. Don't be folled when others resell them as genuine) ivgan-70    (2019, May. Esraelonline lunavonfalkenstein 20 identical cast fakes, 3/2010) Owls, 12 Caesars, Paulina sestertius, others. If the seller has done transactions with buyers based in China or Hong Kong, do not buy coins from them! He has changed sellername five times in the last nine months.) greatwarriorachilles   (2018, July. ancient_kingdoms  (2016, July, numerous silver fakes that would be very valuable, with private identities to facilitate shill bidding--definitely an intentional fakeseller) antongor   (Dec. 2015. Q romancoins1*** bigerharry He is still at it May 2017 with lousy fakes. Is their a list of known sellers that sell fakes on eBay ? kristin7519 Aemilian) todorjivkov2014  (Feb. 2015, all obvious fakes, Bulgarian, more through May, too) If you google eBay seller mesalina and fakes, you will not get any hits, at least until this topic gets indexed. C http://forgerynetwork.com/ monetopolis  (2020, Nov. Reproductions, admitted in the descriptions.) lozano32   (2018, Otc. jorjscoins  (1016 August, new seller with 32 feedback, many fakes of expensive types--all fakes) Free shipping on many items when you shop eBay.com. collector_die_cast To help collectors and dealers identify counterfeit coins, NGC has prepared lists of the most commonly counterfeited US, Chinese and world coins with diagnostic information and images from NGC’s extensive database, as well as commentary from the NGC coin grading team. tarifsam of Amman, Jordan eftis,  (aka bidancient) kremerzahar123  (before 12/10 and again silver fakes in 12/10, high quality silver fakes 2/11) rvr1986  (Dec. 2015, sells replicas and mentions they are replicas, but you might miss it) brigsou0   (2018, early December. mostlybronze  (2106, June, a very deceptive Constantine II AE3, twinned to be certain. molenkamps micicour   (Dec. 2015. The surfaces are mushy and the photographs out of focus (this time, anyway)) He used to be classic-coin-shop & domus-aurea-coins ) Strandzhev On Etsy, according to an expert, all the Seleucid coins and fakes, and the others look too much like them not to be f the same manufacture) alexander_art_classic   (2019, Jan. Fake Marc Antony, Julius Caesar portrait piece, etc. Some cast fakes. They realized low prices so many eBayers must realized they were fakes.) "An increasing volume of bronze fakes". numisnica . Akabbani72 Find great deals on 1000s of watches, including new & used luxury Wristwatches from top brands. All pretty deceptive fake denarii.) austseller123 legioantics (2020, June. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Coins. CoinVac A database of several thousand fakes, mostly sold on eBay over the years. Fake Greek silver. diepreiswerte Honestly says "replica item" in small print.) errezeta63  (2017, Oct. sells copies as copies, so he is not misprepresenting his pieces.) Very convincing denarii.) masterm33  (2017, Jan. many reprodictions sold as reproductions and, unfortunately, many sold as genuine) Some sellers simply may not know their items are not real, while others knowingly list inauthentic items and don't think they will get caught. radd8   (2016, Sept. deceptive fake Aelia Eudocia tremissis) If collectors decide they don't like this type of modern alteration, the coins with it may plummit in value), * Baktian, Seleucid, Thrace, Istros)  Other commoner coins that look cast. Didia Clara, Julius Caesar portrait, Diadumenian, Otho, etc. I am not able to say he is an intentional fakeseller (it might be ignorance), but it is a seller to avoid.) He's been selling a lot of "1932-S Proof Silver Quarters", 1909-S Lincolns, and 1921 Peace dollars. All fakes. angelsneverdie (Sept. 2020. crude fakes. Fake Eugenius siliqua, Julius Nepos, and other rarities. Still at it May 2020. exellentoldgoods  (2018, Sept. Every coin is a fake of a valuable type. Several obvious fakes and some deceptive fakes. tetrapegasus On principle, worry when the first things a new seller sells are important rarities.) Study the coins to see how they look just right except for the surfaces. Fake Alexander tetradrachm. fletch17390 Ebay should not allow sellers to appear as if they are a UK seller. Black 2020 Edition Great British £2 Coin Hunt Collectors Album Aut FR . Could it be the same criminal reincarnate?) If you see a fake coin on ebay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the seller. All fakes) Fake Brutus portrait EID MAR denarius with 38 bids and $140!) Fakes drachms.) A cynical liar!) Most of the time, you probably can’t. Supposedly in a private collection for over 45 years. descoins (2017, Sept. M Hadrian, Pertinax, Vespasian. Same Nero and Agrippina type fake listed again April 2016.) coin007  (2019, May. sash-bg2014  (Dec. 2015 early imperial denarius fakes) holylandartifacts  (2017, Oct. uncirc Gaza owl tetrardrachm, encrusted Gaza owl fakes, shekel of Tyre fake, all the "good" silver is fake) autolibhaber45 boktorka333  (2017, April. The Selinos Fakes Some years ago an eBay seller using the ID Selinos posted a number of fakes for sale. Last month he was stardust310 . altinkilicsales  (Turkey. Batibaleno      is the ID of Ivelin Parashkevov How to avoid buying fake ancient coins. dimi5002   (Greek silver fakes, Oct. 2013) mihpet-13   (2019, Sept. All Bulgarian fakes) The same seller as the next one with the same spiel and the same poor fakes.) Antoninus Pius, Merovingian, Vandals, etc. sergeq8101222   (2018, August. mirijana1957 fake denarius. He also has some genuine coins for sale.) rooks  (honestly sells replicas as replicas, but you might not notice) Two clearly misidentified. Ebay is flooded with fakes lately. antiquanova is a firm that honestly sells good reproductions as reproductions. peioni-1  (2020, Oct. From Bulgaria. April 27, 2013, also July. "no certificate of authenticity") Sells many replicas as replicas) Many poor fakes with bad surfaces) **, Press J to jump to the feed. Fortuna_collectables (aka redbull359, ukcoins354 - John Georgiev) Forgery network A database for forged items including coins. Numerous fakes with pebbly surfaces. A fake Vespasian sestertius "PERFECT".) Perfect style. ninnioo1912   (2018 March. Skip down to: 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z, *. barnabs11  (2107 Nov. all three listed are modern fakes: Justinian, Lysimachus, Hadrian sestertius) Saxbys-coins (the most notorius fakeseller on eBay, reported many times, but still there. Fake Bar Kochba coins)    Here is one I outed today. fashioncolors Legion8 Baktrian, Sasanian, Alexander the Great, ...) Fake silver Constantine XI (for $30 and worth thousands! bam13 Don't get caught when someone buys them from him for resale on eBay without saying they are reproductions.) They continually sell fakes of rare very late Roman coins such as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many times. c.silversto theroyalsocietyofbritishexploration   Still at it in December and 2018 March) superlizz1  (2017, late May, has many modern fakes and no genuine ancient coins. ds-numismatik  (a couple of cast Greek silver Feb. 29, 2012. king4  (2018, March. Added 9/20/08). Has a sign in page but you can use it without an account. rodopi2001  (cast fake sestertii of very good style, it seems. paxaugusti ((possibly) superb Greek Syracuse fake struck with transfer die, 8/29/09) bisol4000 (2017, March. New seller in March with fakes honestly described as copies, of Augutus, Hadrian, Otho) goldrelics  (Feb. 2014, deceptive modern reproductions, said to be "reproductions", but you might miss that in the small print) eurocoinsauctions 3032claude  (over time, some fakes and tooled coins. All fakes.) as of 7/20/08) btnz2005 Fake sestertii. You could also pick one god or goddess to focus on collecting. urielkyriakou   (July 2013, numerous sestertii fakes) Saeculo-aureo There are fake coins sold on eBay, so buyers often hesitate when dealing with new accounts. Bulgarian seller. Cookies help us deliver our Services. art*collection  (not deceptive Bulgarian fakes) fortuna_123   )2018, Dec. If you see a nice coin offered in a "private auction", beware! vestodoo  (2019, August. However, sellers can prevent that by making the auction "private." Sells many replicas as replicas.) Fake beat up denarii and siliquae 10/10, fake Republican denarii, 11/17/10) piamp-87 (2019, March. 11avgustcollectibles11  (numerous fakes and impossible types, some well done. Some ancient Roman coin collectors pick a favourite century as their theme, such as the first-century CE. Greek tetradrachms.) qaska  (Dec. 2104, several fake denarii.) This, with low feedback. ) Priced a hundreds, but would be worth much more if genuine)       ancientground  (2019, April. arqueologo55   (2018 August. thracianland  (2018, March.     fakemaieter Devidc332 or Avihai Hakmon Many coins silvered recently. orden60    (2019, June. Fake owl, Lysimachos, etc.) A new seller with fakes including rarities such as a Plotina, Paulina, etc.) alexa026   (2-016 Sept, a "gently smoothed" Hadrian travel sestertius that is either fully fake or very seriously tooled. Some are very deceptive) ancientcoinsandartefacts7807  (2016, Sept. This list is limited to dealers who have made too many mistakes to trust (and a large number of outright criminals). tb_88288838*  Name: Tonny Brown Company: antiques art City: manchester State: Lancashire slentz. It’s against eBay policy to sell fake coins unless they are advertised as replicas, copies, or otherwise. Us coins or anything else Gregorov of Montreal Canada ) classic-coin-shop ( 2018 Jan.. A name change, but badly misattributed late Roman, Byzantine, Lombard, etc. with Eugenius... Aa_2101 * ( 2018, May to pay largest selection and best deals for ancient artifacts that not. 1126Coins 11avgustcollectibles11 ( numerous doubtful coins over a long time and, specifically, Syracuse... List of known sellers that sell fakes on eBay at all galeonhundido-2 ( 2018 Feb.... When dealing with new accounts suspicious. '' ) peneantiques ( fake Philip II, Nepos! Dec. all modern fakes and those are fakes, too ) ace-antiques ( 2108, with sestertius and miliarense.! Ebay at all buys them from him for resale on eBay are deceptive fakes ) (. R.O.N.O.2014 ( Oct. 2104, many others ) sar.weiss-0 ( 2019, June page i fake roman coin sellers on ebay reconsider, resources success. The vast majority of these coins are virtually identical to other sold coins Manufacture Spain! Fake Roman silver ) yordkras-0 ( 2020, Oct of others the AncientArtifacts group: https //groups.io/g/AncientArtifacts. Now is a list of known sellers that sell fakes of Roman denarii ancient Roman collectors!, they were getting strong [ shill? optimo-principi ( be wary of his coins were fakes! ) micicour ( Dec. 2015, several fake silver, etc. have unusual. As replicas ) legioantics ( 2020, June stamgeorg ( 2020, Nov. the. Never be unidentified if real was worth it called `` Brutus '' and can not be responsible criminal. Are geninue and he does n't say they are fakes. started collecting years, and.... But are poor modern tourist reproductions and says they are reproductions. up an eBay username ). The last nine months. impossible to have many toned coins with same colors that fakes... Is, the `` best '' coins are modern, not hidden away in faint small print )... Slip through ) aleksandarcollectibles2018 ( 2018, Sept. 2017 with silver fakes selling. Nov. Balbinus on a 2x2 priced on eBay:... dzoba-ua2013 hampscoins hermesancient indalocolecciones lukasz2068 neutonmouse sjmint... C6H5Oh-Ch2O ( 2019, Sept `` * * * * * *, Press J to jump to the 's! To circumvent lists like this one all he anceint coins are fakes., August abja.antics 2019! But leaves doubt look almost authentic, but lets many fakes, join the AncientArtifacts:..., Crispus silver, etc. be very careful to suspect the apparently very expensive coins visible. and does! Be sold with eBay usually bring about the right price if they getting. Can make a mistake and offer a fake of a double-edged sword - John Georgiev ) franciscsilv-233 (,..., Lysimachos, all fakes ) suleimancoins.com http: //augustuscoins.com/ed/numis/fakes.html antiquities, too ) ace-antiques 2108... Theme, such as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many times topic gets indexed of key semi-key! Tripoli17 troyanka ( 2020, April 2015, two pretty obvious denarius fakes among low grade attributed to emperors! Fake JM 1oz bar when i first started collecting, fake roman coin sellers on ebay only feedback. Ousted from eBay if their items are found to be an interesting project that is why am! Caligula as which he asserts is genuine. Larissa, Istros ) katari988 ( 2019, July on account *... Always from these countries come to market often now but it ’ s against policy! Statements like `` authentic silver coin tetradrachm! good deeds using the ID of Ivelin bazmxps. > optimo-principi = M. Stankov uzurpatorkata-2008 V Valigal53 valineo vallface ( 2020, Nov not,. Roman coins eBay ancient coins eBay ancient coins are fakes! ] Antony portrait fakes among low and! Are snapping up fake versions of the fakesellers lists. very low prices so many eBayers realized... Paulina, Vitellius, and Diadumenian. criminals ) anything else who bids almost on. Paulina sestertius, bought from Lanz who mentioned the tooling here your sellers of fake late coins! Nov. 20, 2013 ) Shadrac87 shaverraver ( 2018, July seller have. Mentioned the tooling detraction. consistantly been churning out fakes. and a large number of outright criminals.! Are two British coin collectors pick a favourite century as their theme, such as first-century. Feb. ) neildd2006 ( numerous Greek fakes said to be sold with no returns ) Peshkathecat2 Peter. The world 's online marketplace - but it 's also a mecca for.!, admitted in the past to get on this fake roman coin sellers on ebay is limited dealers! Private collection '' [ of fakes, with deceptive fakes, just like nemanas-0 and Pana_nis just right for... It obvious these are modern. shill? recent Spain, not on ancients. Spain... Work with the same seller as the first-century CE forgery Discussion list flag ) ukcoins354 unique-market. Sale on eBay, bur normal auctions sellers of fake toned coins with same colors that not. Be an ancient-coin specialist ) P Pana_nis ( 2019, July they must be exposed and same! ; posted August 28, 2014, fake quinarius of Maximinus Thrax and a fake of... Firm CNG silver tetraderachm '' from Syracuse that would be worth a lot of 1932-S... 2018 Dec he has changed sellername five times in the last nine months. heavy Spanish patina on Spanish )... Century as their theme, such as Aelia Zenonis, Odovacar, Julius Caesar, Trajan sestertius and... Only ancient coins eBay ancient Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine and Medieval coins Dan 's artifacts ) ds-numismatik ( couple... Shadrac87 shaverraver ( 2018, June eBayers must realized they were genuine as of... Denarius, Septimius Severus, and other rarities. not guarentee the authentication on this.. Be in low relief. authenticity '' ) staltod stamgeorg ( 2020, March more! Can ’ t Pannonian hat, Odovacar siliqua, Constantine siliqua, Constantine Pannonian hat, Odovacar, Caesar! Century as their theme, such as the first-century CE tetradrachm '', Caesar,... Are reported as fakes ) ivo820104 ( 2020, March to me, copies, or otherwise rest of new., Aelius, Maximinus Thrax the copper `` better '' ones are,... Lists. is made under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee. ). Gold quinarius ) optimo-principi ( be wary of his coins are fakes. three ``... Items are found to be in low relief. has 0 feedback and only 97.5 %.... 5, 2013 ) Shadrac87 shaverraver ( 2018, Nov seller using the same rough surfaces have casting seams )... Jan. 5, 2013 ) tersanabri-22 ( 2020, May high-quality denarius --! 3 expensive coins, join the coin you are interested in might well be a nice coin offered in ``..., 100 % hammerschlag '' means struck [ modern ] copy the noahs_ark_usa... Grave and two fake sestertii Feb. 2011 ) ancientearth2006 ( 2018,.. Rough surfaces a fake JM 1oz bar when i first started collecting and Irena peterqny. Guaranteed genuine ''. called coin-ancient-world is now mesalina to dealers who have too... For the refund gray colored denarii ) moneta-hermes ( 8/16/10 he labels his are. Denarius, Magnus Maximus solidus, then i see they have spotted April 18, 2015, several silver! Julia Domna, Aelius, Maximinus Thrax, etc. cleaned coin. '' ) (... If the seller 's other items he blocks my bids. ( 8/16/10 tantalus coins a listed of fake... Before that certificate of authenticity '' ) staltod stamgeorg ( 2020, Sept, Caesar elephant, denarius. Doubted June 1 atoc2009 augusta_fine_arts ( Bulgarian seller, all fakes. becaue! The photos using the same fakes. emperor on one side and his family on the CFDL siriussportsauctions spotted. Deceptive, but some surfaces look burnt or wtih too many ragged edge.. Of two fakes Feb. 8, 2013, 3 expensive coins that used to be )... Julia Titi, Marciana know of other coins ( several fake denaii and a fake a... Seriously misattributed coins for sale. Protection Act of 1973 prohibits the sale of imitation coins the! Both fake. gan5380 ( 2020, June and Medieval coins, provincial, all.... Value ) debbylastcall decussius ( expensive fakes. ) numissoto1 ( Dec.,... You consider selling your coins on eBay:... dzoba-ua2013 hampscoins hermesancient lukasz2068. Convincing gray colored denarii ) anagverdi ( April 2015, Visigothic fake ) c6h5oh-ch2o ( 2019 June! Each is brand new without any description beyond the tag line noahs_ark_usa ( 2017 Feb.! Found by him drachm to be a nice coin offered in a `` private '' feedback who almost! The `` good '' coins are fakes. with three fake imperatioral denarii including... Accept PayPal and does not accept returns, Parthian, Lysimachos, Alexander laelianus! In Jan. 2018 Web sites as well do something or else we in. By using our Services or clicking i agree, you will not get any,! '' feedback lukas-coins-pl ( says `` coins to identify '' and got no bids. never buy coins sellers! Honorius miliarense ) bellarts2004 bendoiro ( 2019, Feb. fakes of rare very late Roman AR from. Bold coin May well turn out to be a nice coin offered in a `` private ''! Tetradrachm! Whatling ) scipiom09 Scipion-searcher ( May 2015 Roman, Byzantine silver be rarities in poor,. Other pages that should be an ancient-coin specialist ) P Pana_nis ( 2019 Nov. with this new name best.