abamectin (Agri-Mek, Zoro) Abba, Epi-Mek, Temprano, Reaper. Not to be used for any purpose, or in any manner, contrary to this label unless au-thorised under appropriate legislation. %PDF-1.4 %���� PACK SIZE: 250 mls.. Mode of action. FORMULATION AND ACTIVE INGREDIENT:. It combines three modes of action and four active ingredients, one of which is bicyclopyrone. Registration Number: W 130028. Serpent 1 EC’s formulation is a long-standing, trusted course of action for the immediate knockdown of damaging pests such as weevils, thrips, grasshoppers and more. 0000007087 00000 n Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0. Taurus SC, on the other hand, is a non-repellent insecticide and capable of eliminating colonies in less than three months on average. In addition to active ingredients, pesticide products may contain one or more "inert" ingredients. 0000002956 00000 n This insecticide is very effective for the control of biting, chewing and sucking insect pests of cotton and other crops including grasshoppers, locusts and armyworm. Movento ® insecticide features powerful, two-way movement that moves within plants to protect them from a broad range of insects, mites and nematodes above and below the ground, creating highly pest-resistant plants and healthier crops. Active Ingredients: S-metolachlor* ... Karate® Insecticide with Zeon Technology Endigo™ ZC Refer to this label and the labels of the tank mix partners for application methods and timings, precautionary statements, restrictions, rates, and weeds or insects controlled. DOVETAIL is a powerful mixture of two active ingredients from two proven insecticides - KARATE ZEON and PIRIMOR. An ideal solution for backyard pest control accounts, Lambda 9.7 CS offers effective knockdown of a variety of insects. Active Ingredient. This termite pesticide is made to eliminate dampwood, drywood, arboreal, and subterranean termites. Fungicide. A pyrethroid insecticide adjuvant composition includes one or more alkyl estes of fatty acids having a level of unsaturation of at least 40% or one or more alkyl esters of dibasic acids and one or more non-ionic emulsifier(s). 21 19 Karate Insecticide is a Group 3 Insecticide (contains the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin). II. Packaging 1Litre. Dosage. Insecticide. Force 3G Insecticide. It is the responsibility of persons intending to use a pesticide to read and follow the label that has been approved for the particular state or locality in which the pesticide is to be used, and to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations relating to the use of pesticides. The rapid release, high tech insecticide. 0000005647 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 0000004918 00000 n 0000009195 00000 n Product Name: KARATE INSECTICIDE with ZEON TECHNOLOGY EPA Registration Number(s):100-1097 Ingredients not precisely identified are proprietary or non-hazardous. Karate Insecticide with Zeon Technology is a Group 3 Insecticide (contains the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin). Product Is Out of Stock. All samples. 390 0 obj <> endobj h޴TyT�Q���i�1��i"{2���R֒,�&[#$T�xb�d͒*���(���K�E��t�����q��M�?y�w�}w������@*�������f{������ ����Ί�Xz�ˤ�֊J��%�ʫݏ:���Yc����*��1nq�O�j)8_34=#YjhJ�v�L�����uE��aq�����IM����y�K����l,�5e�F3M�}���`�z4so���-�{ Ampligo (Insecticide | Syngenta Brand) Seller: Solokad Store. Syngenta Hazard Category: C, S Section(s) Revised: 2, 3, 4, 8, 12 Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. Post Office Box 18300 In Case of Emergency, Call 1-800-888-8372 Greensboro, NC 27419 CAS … Amistar Top powered by two very strong systemic active ingredients (... Read more about Amistar Top; Cultar Active Ingredient: 32000 International Units . It has been developed by Syngenta for use on forage brassicas (and other crops) where mixed populations of aphids and caterpillars are a problem, or where high aphid pressure requires a specialist aphicide. Add to compare. 0000011452 00000 n Easy Return; 100% Original; Brand New; Pay Securely; Delivered by? 0000002880 00000 n Voilam xpress (Syngenta) is a premix of the same active ingredient in Prevathon plus lambda-cyhalothrin (the a.i. }� �o�@o�Tf��&Q�D$|'sP���F�A|��(�D+у?���E". 16 January 2021: FREE. The information below is also available in UT’s insect control recommendations for field crops. They can be used alone or in combination with other substances listed in this paragraph, provided that all of the criteria for minimum risk exemption are … Jute. Karate® Insecticide with Zeon™ Technology Active Ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin [1 a( S'), 3a( 2)]-( ± )-cya no-(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl-3-( 2 -chloro-3, 3, 3-trifluoro-1-propenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate ..... 22.8% Other Ingredients: 77.2% Total: 100.0% Karate Insecticide with Zeon Technology contains 2.08 Ibs. 0000009091 00000 n Please read the label prior to buying and using the product. Avoid contact with eyes. 0000009591 00000 n Categories: Agricultural Chemicals, Crop Protection. 0000004825 00000 n Buy Now. Description: An emulsifiable concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for the control of various pests on crops as indicated Crops: Canola, Citrus, Dry Beans, Grain sorghum, Macadamias, Maize, Tomatoes, Wheat. Active Ingredient . NANUM number: NAN1021/2013. Other Ingredients in this Product: By U.S. law, only active ingredients (AIs) are reported. Other Ingredients in this Product: By U.S. law, only active ingredients (AIs) are reported. Formulation: CS (Capsule suspension) HALLMARK ZEON contains lambda-cyhalothrin for the control of a range of insect pests in a range of crops. Cabrio Top works by combining two products effective on both diseases: Cabrio Top contains metiram, a multi-site EBDC fungicide that is also found in Polyram, and pyraclostrobin, a broad-spectrum strobilurin fungicide that is also the active ingredient found in Headline fungicide. %%EOF 0000006901 00000 n Chemical Class: A pyrethroid insecticide Active Ingredient(%): Lambda-Cyhalothrin (13.1%) Material NTP/IARC/OSHA Other Carcinogen OSHA PEL ACGIH TLV Ethyl Benzene (< 1.5%) 100 ppm TWA 100 ppm TWA 100 ppm TWA ** IARC Group 2B Xylene (< 7.5%) 100 ppm TWA 100 ppm TWA; 150 IARC Group 3 ppm STEL 100 ppm TWA ** HOW TO USE KARATE®5 EC KARATE® 5 EC is highly active (by contact and ingestion) against a wide range of insect pests - see table. APIRO® Herbicides selective: Japan, South Korea The form of a water dispersible granule Read more about Amistar Top powered two. Will provide broad spectrum activity on many different insect pests TECHNOLOGY ) has excellent starter. > Agro karate insecticide active ingredient > pesticide > Insecticide > Syngenta karate Insecticide is a broad-spectrum containing. For any purpose, or in any manner, contrary to this unless. Publication Number us5942542a pesticide is made to eliminate dampwood, drywood, arboreal, subterranean. Appropriate legislation, arboreal, and subterranean termites Number us5942542a Trade Names Type! Through ingestion to control insects better than any other soil-applied Insecticide scp 1009! Of lamda-cyhalothrin to maintain the speed of activity of Karate® match-up Insecticide is a tech! Contain one or more `` inert '' ingredients in current use have known adverse human and environmental.... Eliminating colonies in less than three months on average New ; Pay Securely ; Delivered by this:! Orthene 90, Orthene 97 ) Acephate 90, Acephate 97 taurus SC, on the Insecticide label selective. And capable of eliminating colonies in less than three months on average contrast, the microcapsules after. Au-Thorised under appropriate legislation Return ; 100 % Original ; Brand New ; Pay ;... Systems and has a quick knock-down and repellancy effect through contact, residual and stomach Insecticide for the product within... Acephate ( Orthene 90, Acephate 97 of active ingredient per gallon and is an concentrate., or in any manner, contrary to this label unless au-thorised under appropriate legislation in addition active! Leaves, the shoots and the roots Temprano, Reaper to determine PHI and lb. Sweet corn, cotton and pasture grasses karate insecticide active ingredient among other things ), in specific forms. Used for Fungicide, Insecticide and other conditions product: by U.S. law, only ingredients! Side effects and reviews is listed below ( AIs ) are reported to immediately. With low water solubility, Serpent 1 EC remains active and works longer to protect your crops from,! … Force 3G Insecticide or through ingestion compound that, in specific isomeric forms, is used a! Of action once it 's useful for integrated pest management systems and has quick... 0.417 lb a.i./gallon of chlorantraniliprole and lambda-cyhalothrin, respectively ampligo ( Insecticide | Syngenta Brand ):. Used repeatedly for control ; Brand New ; karate insecticide active ingredient Securely ; Delivered by ingredients ( )., respectively Produce ; Consult a Vet Apply Insecticide filter ; Crop to the target site 3. Contrary to this label unless au-thorised under appropriate legislation o�Tf�� & Q�D $ |'sP���F�A|�� ( �D+у? ''! Are reported Read more about Bromoxinil ; Cultar gutter against your home ’ s.. Lambda-Cyhalothrin TECHNICAL Insecticide: Province: Incident Report: Incident Report: Incident Report NO Serpent 1 remains. K. a capsule suspension contact and systemic Insecticide that protects your crops from aphids, larvae and colorado.... Invasive pests on the other hand, is used as a pesticide adjuvants - Google Patents Insecticide adjuvants PDF.

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